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Covid 19 – The Opposition to it

The pandemic diseases that cause the death of thousands or even millions of people continue to rock our planet. You will have these illnesses and illnesses affecting the body. The new COVID-19 has given our planet a generous solution to stopping and destroying this rampant virus.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus originated in Wuhan China and has had viral impressions in the last couple of weeks worldwide.Any incidents are stated to be substantially more serious than others. The infection is most likely that certain carriers don’t have symptoms, but they are also infectious.

Many with no signs can most often lead to the spread of the person. Those who are at higher risk of a serious COVID case -19 than those who are without serious medical problems, however, people of each generation have recovered from the virus. In the coming months, we can always see the virus spread. Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information and updates on the virus (link below)

This is a fact for which we all have to confront and plan. A solid and balanced body is a result of continually making healthy decisions to combat any significant disease. The intakes and the intakes are organized accordingly in your cells. You will also affect the flow of your lifestyle tremendously in shaping DNA and molecular structures in the body.

1. Eat for the prevention and strengthening of pathogens

Select a vitamin and mineral rich diet and supplement. Raw fruit and berries, leafy greens and feeding grass / pasture / wild meat catched. The good supports of bacteria are garlic, elderberry and Oregano Oil. Choosing to eat healthy goods can decrease infectious bacteria and control infection.

2. Strong Health Regulation

Good probiotics such as Kimchi will activate your intestines to neuro-receptors. Colostrum is a great advice for the cultivation of immunity through supplements. This will enhance your mental clarity, your body and your digestive system’s well-being. Using probiotics to the lifestyle avoids leaky healthy syndrome as well, And bacterial sources of diarrhea.

3. Vitalization workout

Physical exercise encourages safe blood and cell development of natural killer. Natural killer cells are white blood cells which reject viral diseases and tumors. The decision to practice produces blood cells rather than fat cells which results in anti-aging advantages. Exercise regulates a molecularly proactive body that enhances healing and disease preventing capabilities.

4. Get the sleep right

Good sleep habits and all the other things we have learned about to date will reduce the chance of heart, diabetes and immune dysfunction.

5. Hydrate & Heat

Drinking water washes the infection into the intestine, where it dies in the acid of the stomach. It will pass from the windpipe into the lungs if you don’t drink enough fluids. Temperatures below 530 degrees Celsius can not survive the virus. It is about 133 degrees. The faster the temperature, the more easily the virus dies. Please make sure you still have a vessel full of fluids with you on a routine sauna session.

Good diet, sleep, cooking, moisturizing and exercise are also the main tool to deter and kill viruses such as COVIDE – 19. Take time to know the tools and architecture that nature offers us to keep safe and comfortable and enjoy. Our decisions and bodies are all monitored by us. Feel better, look better, be better, live better, live better and most importantly.


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