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HIV medicines: Complete Guide

Kaletra is a medication used to treat HIV, and is a mixture of medicines such as Norvir and Lopinavir. The medication was USFDA-approved in 2000.

The prescription drug Kaletra and different antiretroviral drugs can be used as treatment of human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1). The drug can be used for over fourteen children as well as adults, but it is still unclear if Kaletra is safe for them or not for children under this age.

HIV virus is responsible for AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

Kaletra General Knowledge

Dose Dosing

For adults, it depends on the drug tolerance of HIV two tablets twice a day or 4 tablets at once. The medication can be eaten without or with food.

Before taking Kaletra, what does the doctor know?

Inform your health care provider if you have any allergic response to the components of the kaletra and all the other medical conditions. Tell them of existing conditions such as liver, heart or pancreas, or whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be absolutely stopped during Kaletra therapy because you are carrying it on to the baby if you have HIV-1.

Often, ensure you tell the doctor that you take certain prescriptions or vitamins, pharmaceutical products, or herbal supplements and that no new medications are begun without consultation.

Impact on the side

Many of the side effects observed by the medication Kaletra include headache, fatigue, irregular bowel movement, vomiting, nausea, or diarrhoea.

In people using protease inhibitors including Kaletra, cases of drug-induced hepatitis or hepatitis injuries have also been recorded. The concern was commonly diagnosed with patients who had CD4 cells and hepatitis B or hepatitis C in very low levels.

There can also be severe pancreatic complications, which can lead to death, please let the doctor know if you have pancreatitis in the past.

Kaletra should be observed to interfere with other medicines and a person should be informed what medicines they should not take while taking Kaletra.

Shift in cardiac rhythm and the rate of your pulse will take place when the electronic operation of your heart with Kaletra is irregular. This will lead to a lot of heart attacks.

If the person has heart issues like the above, they are more likely to control the rhythm when taking Kaletra.

You can come to the doctor urgently whether you are feeling lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, or irregular pulse

The medication could also induce improvements in your immune system which could lead to an improvement in your immune system’s surface history and hidden infections. If you continue to develop new symptoms, contact the doctor at once.


Kaletra is a medication used to cure HIV and it can be used very cautiously to stop the medicine if you face any of these side effects and are immediately screened.

The consumer has the name of Gandhi Medicos, a pharmacy firm that sells several medicaments that can be used in the treatment of HIV.


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