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How do Indians avoid coronavirus themselves?

Coronavirus, the present burning dilemma we face, physically and psychologically affects humans.

Coronavirus is one of the viruses that are responsible for a wide variety of known disorders such as SARS, MERS and now this recent strain, which was known to have infected humans with COVID-19, develops a respiratory illness.

Cough, fever, abnorthe respiratory system activity, resulting in difficulties respirating and may lead to pneumonia, kidney failure or even death in extreme cases, are the most frequent symptoms of its infection.

What should we do to defend ourselves by all protective measures?

Any of the safety tips that must be taken into account to shield us from this virus are as follows:

. It is best to wear a mask before you leave, or when you come in close contact with someone who is or is likely to be sick. But it is not mandatory to constantly wear a mask, but to wear it while it is in the presence of infected people.

. Close your mouth and nose as you sneeze to protect infective goutlets from being released by air droplets from someone else. Be vigilant even to keep other people safe from people accused of having sick when sneezing and best yet follow the same procedure.

. Do not take public meetings because this might lead to your interaction with all sorts of people that could be tainted and pass it on to you.

. Welcome strangers by rubbing your hands, so they will pass the virus on to you. We Indian people are very fortunate to have a common way of accepting, by saying that Namaste is the only way to embrace it in the present situation. The two people do not have a clear communication with each other.

. Prevention strategies can include caring for our diet and the use of foods high in anti-virus properties, ability to destroy pathogens or the ability to strengthen our immune system in a normal way.

Examples include eating vitamin C-rich fruits such as bananas, amla and lemons, which are believed to improve our immunity. Eat almonds, cassava, sunflower seeds, and also start to eat the herb that all people, particularly the Indians, are having.

. Start doing daily, proper hand washing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, since this would just destroy all the bacteria that could live on the hands. And please remember that without rubbing soap correctly, you don’t touch your lips, nose and eyes.

. If soap and water is not available, use a sanitizer. Yet sanitizers are just a supplement for soap and water and not an alternative to them.

Since we have not yet been able to design a coronavirus vaccine or any other therapy, it is only prevention measures that can help solve this issue.


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