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How do sanitisers, masks and diet play a big role in our corona virus protection?

Biologic classification schemes are a large family of viruses in coronaviruses. Many recognized conditions, such as the common cold, exist in humans. This coronavirus is a novel, previously unexplained strain in humans that causes the current catastrophe.

Fever, cough and respiratory symptoms, such as trouble breathing and shortness of breath, are typical signs of the viral infection. SARS, respiratory disease, pneumonia and even death may even occur in the most extreme form.

1. Sanitizing Effect:

Manual sanitizers are mostly alcohol (especially isopropyl alcohol) and some emollient oils (for the purpose of aroma).

The properties of hand sanitizers were shown that are able to destroy the surfaces with the bacteria, and the alcohol found in them is given to sanitizers. This microbe killing property.

Although it is extremely important to bear in mind that frequent and proper hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds is given priority, in particular during the current problem of coronavirus causing devastation across the globe, as it is the only way to eliminate all germs from our hands and the hand sanitisers should be used as a substitute for soap and wa

2. Mask Effect:

It is stated that the virus spreads by respiratory droplets, which are droplets from an infected person’s mouth that other people can inhale through air exposure or through direct contact. It is also very necessary that people wear masks in order to shield themselves from this lethal virus.

It must also be remembered, though, that people just need to wear a mask for anyone they think they are contagious and they shouldn’t really wear that mask everywhere. Good people should not have to wear a mask regularly and their buying masks triggers a lack of masks for healthcare workers who use one when they are in touch with someone sick.

Therefore, don’t necessarily wear a mask, but wear one certainly if you get in touch with an infected or suspected infected human.

3. Dietary impact:

Diet is the essential component of human life and it is thus not hypocritical for the diet to revolve around the entire of the human body.

Therefore, please be careful not to take raw foods, raw eggs or even raw vegetables, and prepare the meals properly so as to prevent white sugar in the fight against coronavirus.

Secondly you can take foods, including foods high in vitamin C (orange, amla etc.), ginger, garlic, cocoa oil, oregano, tulsi, nuts and seeds such as almond, cassava, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, that boost our immunity.

Daily and proper hand washing, frying meat thoroughly, snoring cover the nose and mouth and avoiding any contact with anyone with coronavirus symptoms include the specific safety tips given to the public.


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